The DNC needs Buttigieg

This week's episode of Primary Concerns reveals with extreme clarity that Tom Perez should not be chair of the DNC. The podcast offers a thirty-minute interview with the former Clinton aide, and begins with a half-hour chat with South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg (Keith Elison declined to participate). I only made it through ten minutes or so of… Continue reading The DNC needs Buttigieg

Sen. Perdue’s “manufactured protest” comment was from staffer, not him

I called Sen. David Perdue's D.C. office this morning and a nice young man named Patrick answered. I said, "I'm calling to ask the senator to apologize for his comments disparaging the Georgia citizens who protested at his mobile office hours event in Greensboro--" "The senator didn't say that," Patrick interrupted. "He didn't?" I replied. "The… Continue reading Sen. Perdue’s “manufactured protest” comment was from staffer, not him

Bad call

I wrote to an editor: "Like millions of other people across the country, I’ve been calling my senators and representatives everyday, urging them to not support Trump’s nominees, to protect Obamacare, etc. And like everyone else, I’m frustrated because it’s obvious they’re going to tow the party line no matter how many people call. I… Continue reading Bad call