The press is not the enemy

Today our president tweeted that the press is the enemy of the American people. But the members of the press are American people, and their readers are American people, too. The free press is a free-market enterprise. There are people to whom Fox News appeals and people who like MSNBC. Both enjoy just a fraction of the… Continue reading The press is not the enemy

Bad call

I wrote to an editor: "Like millions of other people across the country, I’ve been calling my senators and representatives everyday, urging them to not support Trump’s nominees, to protect Obamacare, etc. And like everyone else, I’m frustrated because it’s obvious they’re going to tow the party line no matter how many people call. I… Continue reading Bad call

The Shady Ascension of Luther Strange

I have a story up at he New Republic about Big Luther Strange's nomination to the Senate. It hit late yesterday afternoon, a day after everyone else had their stories up, but it felt good writing it. I've been blocked since the election, and this is the first time I've rung the bell since then. Now… Continue reading The Shady Ascension of Luther Strange

The president speaks

Part one of Ta-Nehisi Coates's interviews with President Obama. A rudimentary knowledge of American history tells you that the relationship between the federal government and the states was very much mixed up with attitudes towards slavery, attitudes towards Jim Crow, attitudes towards antipoverty programs and who benefited and who didn’t. And so I’m careful not to… Continue reading The president speaks

My President Was Black

Historians will spend the next century analyzing how a country with such allegedly grand democratic traditions was, so swiftly and so easily, brought to the brink of fascism. But one needn’t stretch too far to conclude that an eight-year campaign of consistent and open racism aimed at the leader of the free world helped clear… Continue reading My President Was Black