Documentary class – power, truth

For the final four weeks of class, we'll watch some of the most politically powerful works in the history of documentary film. It's a wide-ranging selection, but what they all have in common is that they each expose in their own way some sort of injustice. They're films that stand up for the powerless. During this section,… Continue reading Documentary class – power, truth

Documentary class – cinéma vérité

Weeks nine through twelve we'll dip into cinéma vérité (and spring break). We'll watch: And after spring break will stretch it a bit into musical cinéma vérité: And during this section, the students will, of course, produce cinéma vérité mini docs.

Documentary class – movement, music, meta, etc

Weeks six, seven and eight we'll check out just a few of the endless artistic possibilities of documentary film. Students will work together to make mini avant garde documentaries of the worlds around them. We'll watch:

Documentary class – Beginnings

Weeks four and five in my documentary class will explore the form's beginnings, and early documentaries about exotic foreign people. Students will collaborate on documentaries of themselves and those around them as if they're exotic foreign people. We'll watch: