The press is not the enemy

Today our president tweeted that the press is the enemy of the American people. But the members of the press are American people, and their readers are American people, too.

The free press is a free-market enterprise. There are people to whom Fox News appeals and people who like MSNBC. Both enjoy just a fraction of the market. The Post, Times and Journal each have larger audiences than FOX and MSNBC. Collectively, their audience is larger by several orders of magnitude. And because this is a capitalist system, their larger audience brings in more money and that gives them much broader resources with which to cover the news and unearth information politicians don’t want known. So by definition they are very much in touch with the American people, and a reflection of what the American people want to know, because it’s their deployment of their resources and the journalism which results from it that keeps and grows their audience. And their audience is growing. In the wake of Trump’s election, subscriptions and readerships are up across the entire marketplace.


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