Gold ol’ Johnny Isakson

I called Johnny Isakson’s office today. I nice young woman answered. I said, “My name is Joe Miller from Columbus, Georgia, and I want to thank the senator for not disparaging the Georgians who showed up at his mobile office hours in Greensboro. I know he’s getting a lot of calls lately, and I just want to add one to praise him for doing right. The First Amendment and the right to organize and petition and protest the government is a big part of what makes America the greatest country on earth. So could you please pass along my thanks and tell him, good job!”

The young woman was greatly pleased and said she would most definitely pass the message along to the senator. I really love these young people who are answering the phone. The earnestness rings clear through the phone, and it heartens me. I hope no one is being rude to them, yelling and such. There’s just no upside to being rude.


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