Looking back on 2016

My first instinct is to call 2016 a terrible year. Trump won. But on a personal level it was pretty good.

First, the bad:

Our beloved dog Jaxx died.

Our beloved cat Mafalda died.

I can’t think of anything else as bad or worse.

So, the good:

I sold my book to Chicago Review Press.

My tenure is on track for approval.

I won a grant to conduct research at the LBJ Library.

I had a blast covering the Mike Hubbard corruption trial for the New Republic and Ledger Enquirer.

Allie and I had the vacation of a lifetime in Argentina and Uruguay.

I applied to the Ph.D. program in mass communications at the University of Georgia.

We adopted our beloved dog Skritch.

We got a killer new amp and a Sonos player, which enables us to stream millions of albums at CD quality.

We saw Bob Dylan.

I won an interdisciplinary education grant with my buddy Gary.

Allie was accepted to a graduate translation certification program at Georgia State.

Those are the big highlights.

So, what to expect in 2017:

I’ll finish the first draft of my book and submit it the publisher.

I’ll get tenure and a promotion and a raise.

I’ll decide whether or not to pursue the Ph.D. and, if I go for it, classes will begin in August.

I’ll lose some weight.

I’ll keep writing on this blog, and writing in general.

Who knows what else lies ahead?


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