Conservative press

As I ease back into news consumption, I find myself reading more and more conservative news and opinion sites. I’m not becoming more conservative. I’m curious. I want to find common ground. And in a time that’s so polemical that solid journalism is discounted as fake, part of a left-wing conspiracy, I’m looking for info I can use in debates with conservatives, info they’ll find credible (not that I have a whole lot of debates with conservatives).

I’m finding some stuff that I like, and some stuff that infuriates me. During the campaign season, some of the best writing against Trump came from conservatives, and a lot of those folks are still keeping the heat on him. One of my favorites is Jonah Goldberg. He’s got a nice writing style, and while he’s pleased with some of the things Trump has been doing during the transition, he’s still holding his ground on other issues, especially matters of temperament, decorum, and the rights guaranteed by the Constitution. I like that he has a dog wearing a hat as his Twitter avatar. I assume it’s his dog.

One interesting development in my reading of these right wing folks is that it’s challenging me to step outside my assumptions and be open to other possibilities. I’m not going to become a rightwinger, or a conservative, but it helps, I suppose, to at least listen to people who see the coming changes as good things. If nothing else, it eases my sense of doom. After all, we’ve survived right rule before. We’ll survive it again.

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